Family Counseling

Submitted by asbrown81 on Tue, 10/25/2016 - 17:34

We recognize that many problems are not limited to an individual or to a couple. Rather, most issues tend to affect the family as a whole. Whether it be problems between children or parenting issues between divorced parents, we provide a safe environment where all members of the family can experience the freedom to express their voice. Family counseling includes parent-child difficulties, sibling issues, blended family problems, divorce issues, and adoptive family difficulties to name a few. We desire to strengthen the family unit to work effectively as a team and a cohesive unit focused on achieving the same goals. We work with you to understand the personality and communication difficulties that exist. We then focus on building the communication tools that will allow you to effectively strengthen those relationships that matter the most to you. Call us today to schedule an initial appointment and begin the journey of achieving the goals you desire.