About Us

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Jordan Hope Center is a nonprofit counseling center in Huntsville, Alabama. Our goal is to provide resources and services to couples, families, and individuals to assist them in achieving maximum potential and satisfaction in their relationships. We seek to inspire hope and positively impact the lives of everyone we meet. Our mission is to empower couples, families, and individuals with the necessary skills and information needed to bring about the change in their lives that they desire. Many people enter counseling because they are experiencing difficulty in their relationships with themselves or others. The goal of the counseling relationship is to help clarify the choices and the impact of each choice in the life of the client. Jordan Hope Center has the following objectives in its services:

  • To provide the highest quality of counseling services to couples, families, and individuals.
  • To provide a safe, caring, and friendly environment for every client.
  • To treat each human being as a child of God created in His image for a specific purpose.
  • To inspire hope in those who are struggling with challenges and difficulties in this life.
  • To positively impact the lives of everyone we meet.